Family Video Digital Editing

Becky completed an MFA in Media Arts at the University of Montana. She uses her love of story to edit family videos, pulling out the best parts of your vacation and adding your favorite music!


  • 3-4 minute music videos.  Great for birthdays or milestones or simply to celebrate.
  • 5 minute sequences or longer.  Perfect for highlights of vacations, weddings or road trips.

$50 per hour.  

1 minute of completed video takes approximately 1.5 hours to edit. Varies from project to project, depending on the amount of original media and complexity of finished story. 

Includes in person session with Becky to discuss your video project in detail.  


 Check out DISCO FARM DANCE OFF which Becky shot and edited for Meadowstone Farm in Bethlehem, NH to celebrate local food and business.   

Fun with Cole age 5

Vultures and The Imperial Death March.  Clients safari trip.

African Safari Balloon Ride