Empathetic & Professional Listener

Empathetic & Professional Listener

Having lived through every generation from disco to digital, this isn’t Becky’s first rodeo.  Or her second.  Or her third. 

Becky's not a professional counselor.  She has no answers.  Becky is a kind, empathetic human who wants to sit and listen. For as long as she can remember, strangers, family and friends have been drawn to share with her. 

She’s worked with a wide variety of people; theater artists, landscapers, historic interpreters, sales people, cruise ship sailors and those that work in government. Becky grew up in the suburbs but she’s lived on boats, ranches, in the desert, in the mountains, in the city.  She’s experienced major loss and heart break as well as joyous success and friendship.  One thing she’s knows for sure is being listened to without interruption helps bring calmness and clarity.

Professional, respectful, dependable and private, Becky also has a sense of humor that can be employed upon request.

Meet Becky at the diner, a coffee shop or a walk in the park.  


  • $25 an hour for uninterrupted, empathetic listening.  Nothing shared will be repeated outside the hour.